Magento 2 SEO

In this SEO guide we will help you get higher rankings by providing Magento 2 SEO Tips

The definitive guide to higher rankings for Magento stores. In this SEO guide we will help you get higher rankings by providing Magento 2 SEO Tips.

URLs #

As a general rule try not to use .html endings in the URLs.

For Categories URL structure, it’s OK to have multi level breadcrumbs: category1/category2/category3

For Product URL structure page the recommendation is to use root linking: ex: /my-awesome-product , and not ex: /category1/category2/my-awesome-product.

We do this as in Magento a Product can have multiple categories and things get messy fast.

WWW vs Non-WWW #

This comes down to your preference, makes no difference to search engines if you use either.

As you can see from our site we prefer WWW.

SSL or No SSL #

Always SSL ! Google announced SSL, so https starting URLs with green padlock, as a determining ranking factor.

Titles #

Category Titles #

Product Titles #

Description #

Category Description #

Product Description #

Images #

XML Sitemap #

Where is Magento 2 sitemap ?

The XML sitemap is located at the root of the domain in sitemap.xml, ex: »

HTML Sitemap #

magento 2 html sitemap

Settings #

You can improve SEO settings by making sure some default Magento Settings are changed.

Checklist #

Hreflang #

Robots.txt #

Magento 2 robots.txt is used to control the crawlers access.

It’s located at: »

Keywords #

Keywords Product #

Keywords Categories #

Keywords Pages #

Extensions #

As a recommendation for SEO Extensions that can improve rankings.

The best extension for SEO, and we are not being biased: Magento SEO Extension

Conclusion #

While some things can be controlled in the Magento admin, and optimization for search engines can be done out-of-box some seo improvements need a extension installed for extra optimization.

Published: Dec 23, 2018. Updated: September 10, 2020.

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