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Magento Development

Magento Development services provided by us to help your business sell online.

We provide Magento Development for Magento 1 and also Magento 2 Development services for Magento 2 to help your business sell online. Magento developers with extensive experience that can produce the best suited online stores.

Company #

Partners #

We believe that in the development process you the client and us the developers are partners and based on your requirements we can propose the best approach while explaining to you why we know it is and also provide the alternatives.

Audit #

On this phase of the process we get to know the platform you are currently on, if not starting from scratch, so we can get familiar with it.

We review the codebase and provide you with feedback on the findings. The areas where we concentrate for audit are:

##3 Security Where we check common issues left opened, security patches missing from your Magento store.

Performance #

Is the site able to handle multiple customers without higher page load times on the frontend, as this is a major problem for websites as customers dont want to wait to much for a page to load and will simply close your websites tab.

##3 Code quality Here for code quality we include things like Maintainability , Extendability and Scalability. These 3 determine the approach that needs to be taken when adding new features or adding/replacing old ones.

Magento Development Services Magento development costs is important to the client so we aim to provide affordable Magento Development Services.